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Consultancy in the dry bulk minerals sector

Auger Sample: Wardrop of Wardrop Minerals Management Limited
Core Drilling: Wardrop of Wardrop Minerals Management Limited
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Interim Management from Wardrop Minerals Management Limited

Interim management Chinese Asset Safeguarding

Interim Management can be a useful method of importing expertise into a company for a defined period of time, perhaps associated with staff absences or recruitment intervals. There are cost, insurance, and safety protocol benefits in temporarily appointing a professional to occupy an existing job role.

Usually less costly than a 'consultant' on a simple day rate an Interim Manager will occupy an existing position in a company and actually do the job - or part of it - rather than just advise. For insurance and safety process the person can be treated as a member of staff and can be used on a full time or a part time basis.

The WMML Principal has in previous employment appointed Interim Managers to great effect in part time deployments of up to a year.


Duncan Wardrop is a highly experienced industrial geologist who started his career in water resources and well drilling in Nigeria, followed by a year in the North Sea as a Data Engineer. He subsequently headed the national geology and land survey professional teams in Redland and then Lafarge for nearly 34 years. Quarry development projects and company acquisitions in a dozen countries from southern Africa to Scandinavia, and paperwork projects in a dozen more have included:

  • Mineral exploration and assessment
  • Quarry design and project development
  • Geotechnical management systems
  • Water resource licensing
  • Management of expert teams
  • Contaminated land projects
  • Drafting of process and protocols
  • Environmental monitoring
  • 18 Public Inquiries
  • Over 50 Due Diligence exercises including company acquisitions internationally

D R Wardrop. B.Sc (Hons), C Geol, C Eng, MIMMM, FGS

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+44 (0)1462 743005