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WMML Services:

Consultancy in the dry bulk minerals sector

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Quarry Development Planning by Wardrop Minerals Management Limited

Quarry Development Planning by Wardrop Mineral Management Limited Quarry Development Planning by Wardrop Mineral Management Limited

Quarry Design

Innovative quarry design often offers a higher chance of receiving planning consent, and realistic design is the basis of cost effective operation.

Mineral working design should offer an integrated life - of - mine plan from first steps to final restoration and include a closure plan. WMML brings experience of designing for one of the foremost companies in landscape replication, restoring for biodiversity, or for sporting afteruse, and the knowledge that many quarries in several countries are still operating to those designs.

Development Team

Building a Planning Application is time consuming and very expensive. Few companies have all the required skills in - house so a specific team is often put together for each project. WMML can be part of such a team to supply a specific skill, or can locate additional team members if required.

Land and Mineral

Several years spent as one of only three managers securing mineral for a former company has provided a good grounding in negotiation and the tactics of buying, selling or leasing mineral bearing land.

Environmental Monitoring

WMML has extensive experience of prosaic but effective environmental monitoring programmes. Over 20 years of managing company stewardship of closed landfills, groundwater monitoring around operational quarries, and some dust work lays the basis for a current overview role on a client's monitoring process.

Papers have been published on Monitoring and Mitigation schemes for water sensitive environments.

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